Why Severe Winter STILL Doesn’t Disprove Global Warming

Why Severe Winter STILL Doesn’t Disprove Global Warming

Severe winter weather has been causing many to question whether the globe is actually warming. Here’s the science that proves it is.

Pluto’s Mysterious Atmosphere Could Help Us Fix Global Warming – https://youtu.be/fua3z2wLacI

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It’s Cold Outside. Cue the Trump Global Warming Tweet.
“With unusually frigid weather gripping much of the Eastern United States this week, President Trump took to Twitter on Thursday to cast doubt on the reality of climate change, but he appeared unaware of the distinction between weather and climate.”

Half of Trump Voters Agree Global Warming Is Happening
“President Trump has cast doubts about global warming, once calling it a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese in order to destroy the US economy, and has appointed climate change deniers to his Cabinet. He’s also championed the nation’s ailing coal industry and expressed skepticism about domestic renewable energy production. The majority of his supporters feel differently, according to data from the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication.”

It Might Still Be Possible to Limit Global Warming to 1.5 Degrees Celsius
“The world may have a better chance of averting the worst of climate change than many scientists believe and with quick action, may be able to hit the most ambitious goals of the Paris climate pact.”


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Climate-change experts are researching ways to cool down the planet using geoengineering. How could spraying chemicals into the stratosphere help counteract global warming?

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What if you discovered a way to cool down the planet? Extreme weather events are becoming more common and more ferocious. As the surface temperature of earth continues to rise, so too will the ferocity of natural disasters.

In 2018 scientists will take bold steps to explore a technology that could reverse the effects of climate-change. They’re looking at ways to reflect sunlight back into space and cool down the planet.

Insurers say the number of weather-related disasters has quadrupled since 1970. While world leaders are debating and disputing climate-change and the ways in which humans alter their behaviour on earth, some scientists discuss changes to the earth itself.

In 2018, they’ll take to the stratosphere to learn what it might take – or cost – to cool the planet directly. Geoengineering is the pioneering science that could well be on everyone’s lips in 2018.

The team from Harvard University is the first in the world to test the effects solar geoengineering might have in the stratosphere.

The experiments in 2018 won’t impact the climate, but if one day implemented, this controversial intervention could help curb extreme weather events.

Solar geoengineering has the potential to save lives, but it also poses unknown risks. And there are fears that merely researching geoengineering might be detrimental to the long-term fight against climate-change.

Some environmentalists say that the drive to reduce carbon dioxide emissions could be lost if there’s seen to be a quick fix.

And deciding who controls a technology that affects everyone on the planet won’t be easy. Ultimately solar geoengineering could prove a risk not worth taking. But ignoring it now could be even more dangerous.

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40 thoughts on “Why Severe Winter STILL Doesn’t Disprove Global Warming

  1. People that can’t figure global warming is real are the ones who still believe dinosaurs had scales.

    Wake up mfs . How is it that a whole state size of ice melts – goes into the ocean – ocean moisture and condensation forms clouds- and how does you goes not notice that when the sun is gone the moisture is there. So April showers ? More like snow diseasters – the co2 emissions trap heat when the sun is present however when the sun goes away it’s like so damn cold outside at night is scary. And the heat were experienceing is also very scary . Imagine your sorrounded by cold air and when the sun rises it’s warm .

  2. It didn't snow much south of Detroit, Michigan in 2017-18; ; We missed all the heavy storms!

  3. Stop calling it global warming. It's climate change. And we don't know for sure if this is human caused or cyclical. I kind of think it's arrogant to think that humans could cause this. But I don't think it's wise to continue on our current path, just in case it is being caused by us. If scientists want people to take it seriously, they need to use terminology that even the silliest among us have a hard time arguing against. Perception is everything, reality is nothing. If 2016 didn't teach this lesson, I don't know what will.

  4. But severe weather is cited over and over again in the media as EVIDENCE of global warming. Sorry, but you can't have it both ways. And if we look at the long term record, there is NO trend toward increased severe weather over the last 100 years, no increase in tornadoes, hurricanes, droughts, etc.

  5. Attention Global Warmist
    in the below graph as in all graphs that depict historic temperature and co2 data
    look at the graph LOOK AT THE GRAPH and notice that the temperature first rises FOLLOWED by co2 increases.
    this indicates that the TEMPERATURE FIRST RISES followed FOLLOWED by a rise in co2.
    when a global warmist sticks his / its head in the sand it first has to bend over to the sand and then insert its head.
    it doesnt simply stick its head in the sand without bending over first.
    when you approach a door that has a door knob you must first turn the door knob and then open the door.


  6. CLIMATE CHANGE: The, oh-so-simple topic that some claim to understand so well to the point that they take the liberty to call others "idiots", "dimwits", etc. 

    Well, I got news for you!

    YOU ARE the idiots, dimwits, etc. Why? Because you take what SOME scientists claim (certainly NOT ALL) and you convert it to a certainty!

    You then stick with that certainty while you are no experts on the field, have done no personal research on the matter, so no possible ways to form a personal opinion and be confident about it (which in the case YOU CAN'T), just sheer dependence to what you perceive as a claim from authority figures on the field. 

    Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against experts, science, the scientific method, peer reviewing etc. On the contrary, I have been part of it. What I have trouble with is the confirmation bias and selectiveness of morons of this world.

    The confirmation bias that is readily transformed to bigotry.

    I have another piece of information that might shed a little light towards your moronic self (so as to take a glimpse of him/her in the mirror). 

    The man that formulated the chaos theory was a man by the name of Lorenz, a mathematician and METEOROLOGIST. While the fact that Lorenz was a mathematician gave him the tools to express chaos theory in mathematical terms it was the chaotic nature of climate systems that inspired his endeavours on the theory. 

    Chaotic systems are exactly what the wording implies, unpredictable systems that resemble more chaos than order. Now you people claim you understand and can predict the outcomes of a chaotic system (which by definition is impossible) like the climate.

    Good luck with that morons! 

    P.S. A good number of UNFUNDED leading climate scientists, nobelists, etc, are sceptical for the anthropogenic causes for the ever-changing highly dynamic climate but a bunch of low IQed morons are convinced about it, even though the very nature of chaotic systems is unpredictable. 

    Let's all together chant: Climate change!!!!

  7. This "Global Warming" joke is almost as bad as the "Over Population" joke they pedaled a few years ago, only this joke could cost billions of lives for those who believe it.

  8. This video is complete BS. How is it that global warming has now become climate change. Why did they not stay with global warming as their mantra. It seems simple enough to the temperatures are going up. Well the real reason behind it is that they have absolutely nothing to show you that shows the temperature has been increasing as a result of human activity. Sure temperatures of been increasing for 10,000 years Since the last Ice Age, but Rate of change has been dramatically decreased In the last couple of centuries. This guy babbles on about the mood of the earth as if we are a bunch of simpletons. How about less yap and more evidence. They argue that it’s so complex that the average person can’t even understand it. And that’s why they talk to us as if we are a bunch of children, mother earth is angry, she’s having mood swings. Wtf that’s the best you have.This is pretentious BS. He talks about record temperatures. How is this proof of a trend or even that this is out of the ordinary. The world has been setting record high temperatures for 10,000 years since the last Ice Age. They conveniently leave out this information. The idea that people can control the weather is ludicrous. The sun controls our climate. Is it not time that they produce the evidence that shows that people are responsible for climate change or global warming or whatever they want to call it now. Are we just not smart enough to interpret this information. Is this why take do not produce it and instead produce these condescending videos.

  9. Until we put AGW deniers & obstructionists into prison for life for treason for the mass murder & damage they have caused to others, I proudly wear my pin advocating bombing all prisons to free all prisoners, especially sex offenders & pedophiles, just to piss off stupid conservatards.

  10. True one cold spell doesn't mean global warming is false,but increasingly cold winters over the years and cool excessively wet summers repeatedly does.That's what I and many others in the southeast USA have been getting lately.There is one form of warmin g that is real,urban heat islands.This is what happens when woods and farm fields get replaced with buildings,streets,parking lots,ect.Then that area will collect more heat in the day and lose it more slowly at night.So those areas do warm.Many weather gauges put out years ago on the outskirts of towns now really are warmer as the areas develop but away from such areas it's not happening.Overall earth is more likely to cool over the next several decades as the sun is now in a low sunspot cycle and that usually makes earth cool.

  11. Earth-chan's personality is changing (climate) even if her mood (weather) doesn't seem like it.

  12. 0:48 –> 10hrs of this please (and make it mandatory for all politicians to watch)

    3:41 –> Trace solves Global Warming with shade…

  13. yes climate change………..its getting colder………..like in the 1600s……….we are going ito another cool down …………..

  14. They are wrong. This is where greed gets us. That 1% are insane, greedy and they want full control of the rest of us.

  15. I don't think the naysayers understand the gravity of the situation. Stop the CO2 production, obviously. Now, what about the CO2 that's already there? Trees, etc are a great idea for getting the excess CO2 out of the atmosphere in about a century or more . How many people are going to die in the mean time? This geoengineering could save the lives of hundreds of millions of people. From the plants' perspective, it will be a slightly less sunny day in the absolute worst case scenario.

  16. The problem we have is the elites using more then their share. If the top 10% lived like the rest of us our world wide emissions would go down by 30%. But we never here about this because the elites control the message. Who do you think they will make pay for their geoengineering schemes? Let me tell you. We the 99% will pay so that the 1% can keep having more then every one else. Let's end the inequality and we will be halfway to solving climate change. Climate change is a problem of corporations made by them and paid by us. Wake up time is short people.

  17. The melting of the Arctic and Antarctic and Alpine Ice will create what these scientist's are speaking about

  18. Don't they teach you scientists that curiosity killed the cat?

    Why don't you guys experiment this garbage somewhere else?

  19. Can't believe the cover up going on here, its been going on for at least 25 years, one evil planet.

  20. FUCKING NAUSEATING … I said these fuckers were gonna turn it all around and say it was a good thing… after deceiving everyone ..we will just let them ass. fuck us raw

  21. So is this the effort being put forth to cover up ALL the scientists that were bought to spread the “global warming” hoax??? The sun is going into a solar minimum. The earth is cooling and there is NOTHING ergo ant humans can do about it! It is a natural cycle. So the period is warming is over, now it is cooling. No scientist can take credit for that change, but these morons are going to try and the sheeple will buy it.

  22. The ONLY longterm fix is to CARBON capture!!!!! Plant way more trees and pull CO2 through massive turbines then turn the CO2 to electricity. All other things are silly wastes of money and ressources THE END

  23. This is unworkable. Blocking sunlight would negatively impact photosynthesis. Not only would this cause big problems with ecosystems and agriculture, it would defeat the goal of this endeavor by reducing the uptake of carbon dioxide by the biosphere. It would also accelerate the decline of oxygen in the atmosphere.

  24. So, we are to stupid to handle the toys we already are fooling around with, so we want to get some much more dangerous toys to…

  25. "Extreme weather event's are becoming more common and more ferocious."
    N O N S E N S E N S E
    Stop lying.

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