What Is Global Warming?

Science expert Emerald Robinson explains what global warming is and how it
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I made this for my final project in Chemistry in 11th grade. Hope you enjoy! This video details how we understand global warming, and the chemistry behind how it affects each and every one of us.

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39 thoughts on “What Is Global Warming?

  1. Global warming isn't going to excist pretty soon anymore and global warming will be global cooling because their is more to it than you guys think because behind global warming is a big ice age behind it and global warming is hiding a ice age behind it and we all dident know this for years and really I'm serious global warming is hiding a ice age underneath are heels. this is what I'm talking about because their is a ice age coming in 3 years In 2021 and global temperatures actually already started to drop since June 2017 so maybe it

  2. Co2 does not cause climate change. Co2 levels lag temperature. That should be all the proof you need. But for argument sake lets assume I am wrong. Not only does co2 cause climate change, it does in a direct and linear relationship. So lets crunch the numbers. In the last 300 years global temperature has risen 1 degree Celsius, while co2 levels rose from 295 to 383 parts per million. That means that 88 parts per million gives a 1 degree Celsius increase in temperature. So to find out what temperature we would get with a pure co2 atmosphere we can divide 1 million by 90 (rounding up 88 for convenience) to get 11,111. If your bullshit detector hasn't gone off you are a socialist idiot. If you think an increase of over 11,100 degree Celsius is a bad result you are not seeing the trees for the forest. I would file a patent for a "Carbon dioxide charged solar energy collector." and become the richest being on the planet. It will not work because co2 does not cause climate change. Before you waste your money on patents do the following experiment. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gKB7RWXOEpw And study the Beer-Lambert-Bouguer law from 1852.

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  4. Don't worry about global warming guys! WW3 is on the way…. we will all kill each other with nuclear weapons destroying the planet and everything living in it.

  5. I listened to a scientific who presented facts:
    – Global waring ended in 1998.
    – There has been no global warming in 19 years.
    Global warming has been replaced by global cooling.
    – The Antarctic ice sheet is growing, not melting.
    – Sea level is rising 178 mm per century, not 508 mm.
    – Snowfall is not below normal.
    – CO2 cannot cause global warming
    – Severe storms are not more frequent than normal.
    – The oceans are not acid.

  6. your programing is telling you to dismiss and DONT believe this is BS
    and don't waist your time RESEARCHING what is written here YOU CAN NOT
    STOP THIS if GLOBAL WARMING it IS a DECEPTION ..you can fix this by
    looking up these words as your beginning ……. club of Rome ….
    agenda 21 … haarp ….chem trails look these up and wake up
    global warming is a lie …THE GREAT DECEPTION… take the blue pill and
    follow the white rabbit down the hole and find nightmares 10 fold
    imaginable its ok its just a bad dream go back to sleep forget all this

  7. It's a hoax created by liberals as a fear mongering tactic-to gain control.
    That's all you need to know

  8. she seem really happy taliking about a catastrohpe that is about to cme

  9. The earth periodically heats up, the polar ice caps melt, the seas rise and flood large coastal and even inland areas. These are all well known geological facts. This period of temperature rise began over 8000 years ago when the last ice age ended it will end and the cycle will start over again, as it has many times before, man even walked the earth. The only difference in this climate cycle is the industrial revolution, it is bound to have some effect on it. One would suspect it will speed up the cycle. I have seen no proven models that can show us exactly how much effect it will have only some that show it is having an effect. Now politics and money raise their ugly heads and there is nothing but confusion and anger.

  10. Thubs up to this video. Very touching…. I solely recommend it for all ISC students of Fce and all science lovers. Let's make out world a comfortable place to live in. OLEKAMMA CHRISANTUS computer /INTERSCI

  11. Global warming occurs during solar maximum
    Global cooling occurs during solar minimum (ice age)
    The science behind al gore's global warming is called bribery, cherry picking, and hiding other facts for example…temperature always rises first before carbon dioxide rises.

  12. Nice presentation. However, the climate will now be colder due to less sunspots. Henrik Svenskark published a report 2017.12.19. It explains ”The increased ionization supports growth of aerosols into cloud condensation nuclei”. Since a lot of politics and money is involved in the ”global warming” this knoledge will NOT be presented in media for many years to come. Yes, when it´s getting colder!

  13. Very well done…BRAVO! You should be very proud of yourself! One of the best, most concise and easy to understand presentation explaining climate change!

  14. This video is really nice and informative. I hope you can go further down this path of awareness about global warming. We as humans are creating our own extinction, if we don't pay heed to this, things will get even worse. Thanks !!

  15. How can America withdraw from Paris climate deal for few billions dollars it can spend billions on war but not for future of humanity

  16. "The Science Behind Global Warming (Documentary)" is pure/smart business. right?thanks.

  17. Eres 7na muy puta hija de puta y mierda arte vilame asta dentro del culo

  18. Very informative video!!! Such a scientific and technical subject, you have done it in very simple manner!!

  19. Controlling global warming shouldn’t be hard. Here’s how:
    First of all, let’s look at the equations for ozone layer depletions:
    CF2Cl2+sunlight —-> Cl’ (Nascent) + ‘CClF2 (Nascent)
    These nascent chemicals are highly reactive.
    Therefore, ‘Cl + O3 —-> ClO +O2
    Now, ClO+O —-> ‘Cl+O2
    Now, this nascent ‘Cl again causes the chain reactions thereby depleting our ozone layer.
    What if we do similar thing to CO2 depletion? It goes like this:
    Suppose we have compound XY which does the following reactions:
    XY+ Sunlight —-> X’ + Y’
    X’ + CO2 —-> XO + C
    XO + O —-> ‘X + O2
    Now, all scientists need to do is find this compound XY. If I was a chemist, maybe, I would do it. But I am an Electrical Engineer. So I leave this task for chemists. 🙂

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