What Everyone Gets Wrong About Global Warming

Throughout this video I say “probability curve” when a statistician would say “probability distribution.” I just want to say that I’m aware of this, and that it’s a choice I intentionally made because I felt like it made it easier to understand.


While I would very much like to get deep into probability functions, what they mean, and how they work, I don’t know if that’s necessary to understand the world with curves. And this isn’t just about climate and weather, pretty much everything is better understood if it’s understood in terms of probability functions. And I generally like to see the world not for the collapsed reality dot, but for the function underneath. It’s why winning at gambling always feels empty to me, I know that the underlying function has my losing even if happened to get lucky. So, in a way, gambling is always losing, even if you win.

I know I’m an armchair statistician, and that lots of people will be annoyed by the language in this video, but I hope you can forgive me!
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20 thoughts on “What Everyone Gets Wrong About Global Warming

  1. It won't be global warming. They are microwaving us to extinction!
    Save preventing nuclear war, this issue is the most dangerous and insidiously hidden health, survival and human rights issue of our times.

    Mark Steele, the chief technology officer at Reevu. Mark is based in Gateshead and his life changed when he began looking for answers as to why he began to suffer from insomnia, agitation and general discomfort. He found that the local authority had overseen the fitting of transmitters to thousands of lamp posts in the area, including one that was only a few metres from his home.


  2. If humans had never existed on Earth the climate today would be EXACTLY the same as it is with us here… today. All this consternation about AGW is about "something else" and has human fingerprints all over it. And you should be very wary of the mob effect these scare tactics have. Be skeptical, especially when someone tries to scare you while also making you feel guilty about something you are doing. That is religion.

  3. Global warming is a cover for spraying us with poison chemtrails. Agenda 21!

  4. Thing is, we really have no clue as to whether or not these probability curves ARE actually shifting or not due to warming, because there are all sorts of OTHER factors that come into play.

  5. Why are there so many ,beyond idiotic , climate change denier comments on almost all climate related posts .?

  6. Humanity's impact on nature is natural as is humanity's efforts to minimize that impact. Just sayin.

  7. 2:57 you mention more energy in the '"system." could you explain how CO2 is the cause of this "more energy" and not, say, the Sun? Which has a massively larger affect on our climate than us humans.

  8. Can you please do a video about carbon capture and sequestration? Considering all IPCC models rely on heavy implementation of a technology that doesn't exist (to a useful scale) and this technology is the fine line between extinction and long term human survival…. It is an important thing to understand.

  9. Can you still get loans for homes on Beaches? I mean….they shouldn't loan you money for a house that's gonna flood tomorrow! Since insurance companies are so clever. I bet rates are triple now in those areas. You know Al Gore owns is heavily invested in a wind/solar company. Totally not related or in any way use of public office inappropriately. I'm sure it's just a cowinkidink. What caused the increased rate of CO2 that made the river Thames stop freezing before we had that evil carbon footprint revolution? Like um I don't get it like. Thanks froze every year….we didn't have mass amounts of factories and then it stop….like um wut? I bet our increasing carbon rate can time travel. Wave functiona are crazy little buggers. It's totally possible.

  10. You'd do well to learn something about your subject before you run off at the mouth acting as though what you've been told or the meme you've chosen to accept as fact has any merit at all. If you had bothered to spend some time researching the real science, much of what you said would have been redundant. Fearing the effects of evil "carbon" is nothing more than a distraction. Global warming would tend to reduce the strength and frequency of circular storms, since it occurs primarily in the temperate zones, reducing the temperature differentials that drive the storms. Get your facts straight first then you can expound all you wish.

  11. in my city in Brazil the temperature is getting colder every year and the summer of this year is cold, the earth is cooling

  12. More flooding, fires, drought, wind damage, population displacement, billions more spent in state of emergencies, species extinction, acidification of the oceans.

  13. save the environment, stop using animal products which uses 30% of world land as well as water, labor, energy sources, aaand crops. Not to mention disease caused of animal products, pharmaceutical industry based on all problems derived from poor eating or water, land pollution, species endangerment like fish etc.

  14. What everyone gets wrong about global warming is that it has happened before many times. It happens a lot, actually, and it has nothing to do with humans – Even now it has very little to do with human activity. The temperature can drop as well as rise and that , too, has nothing to do with humans. The Anthrogenic models that pseudo-scientists are using to frighten themselves are, simply, wrong. So the models are flawed and the conclusions are, predictably, ridiculous.

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