What could a Cold War on global warming achieve? Ask the Pentagon

What could a Cold War on global warming achieve? Ask the Pentagon
What is true is that some of America's biggest windfalls — global-economy wise — have come from the civilian versions of technologies developed by the military for strange, scary, endless-seeming wars. But while the initial buyer determines the shape …
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Green Climate Fund Must Fight Corruption Before It Can Beat Global Warming
Emissions of various greenhouse gases such as CO2 and methane (CH4) from various sources, such as these factories in Bangladesh, increase the overall temperature of the Earth, resulting in global warming that endangers low-lying countries—like …
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Letters: Global warming; Teacher protest
While it is important to focus on the reduction of burning fossil fuel to reduce global warming, even if the fossil fuel emissions are reduced to zero the present destructive impact of global warming will continue unless carbon dioxide is pulled from …
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