The Difference Between Global Warming & Climate Change

Ever wonder what the difference between “global warming” and “climate change” is? The terms are used interchangeably, yet people interpret the terms in different ways. Trace breaks down what the difference is, and talks about how we perceive the terms differently.


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‘Global Warming’ Scarier Than ‘Climate Change,’ Surveys Find
“Americans are more concerned about the changing planet when the words ‘global warming’ are used than when they hear ‘climate change,’ new research finds.”

Americans care deeply about ‘global warming’ – but not ‘climate change

“Barack Obama, scientists and campaigners have all looked at how to engage Americans more powerfully on the environment. Now researchers have come up with one critical piece of advice: do say ‘global warming’, don’t say ‘climate change’.”

What’s In A Name? Global Warming vs Climate Change

“We found that the term ‘global warming’ is associated with greater public understanding, emotional engagement, and support for personal and national action than the term ‘climate change.'”

What’s In A Name?: We found this PDF describing Global Warming Versus Climate Change


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20 thoughts on “The Difference Between Global Warming & Climate Change

  1. There are many problems with what NOAA is doing. The first is that they are turning an 80 year cooling trend into a warming trend, which has massive implications for both climate scientists, journalists, voters and policy makers who depend on the accuracy of their work. The second problem is that they release graphs with no annotation that the data has been altered – people assume that the data is representative of the thermometer record, and it isn’t. The third problem is that they are altering the data to match their theory, the exact opposite of how science necessarily must operate.  And the fourth problem is that the alterations are largely due to modeled data, generated in lieu of missing thermometer data – which they are losing at an alarming rate.  Almost half of NOAA’s monthly US temperature data is now fake. Their handling of data would make even Enron accountants blush.

  2. Climate Change is a progressive re-branding of Global Warming Bader-Ginsberg.

  3. Yea this information is outdated Rebuplicans now Climate change skeptics. Democrats are climate change alarmists. Global Warming is known to be false at this point. Climate change just seems natural.

  4. Global Warming is perhaps the World's Greatest Completely Fictitious Crisis.

    We must somehow reduce Carbon Dioxide, that "Pesky" gas that we are actually "Breathing out," which is itself necessary for enabling Photosynthesis to occur by establishing the United Nations as an actual One World Government with the ability to determine what industries each nation can have and who lives and who dies.

  5. Listen here bitches global warming is real and if you think it’s not our fault think it this way:we dump our shit everywhere must be good for the earth we also are greedy and keep looking for oil which of course doesn’t Ruine the earth because we’re humans and can’t do nothing wrong.Animals and poor African children are starving while we’re out here complaining that we didn’t get our sweet and sour sauce with our bigmacs.I mean isn’t that SOOOOOO bad,ya know we are so poor we only get five meals a day.It‘s not the earth‘es Problem if it explodes it’s ours because we will die.Even if idiot Donald trump is saying it’s not true are you really going to believe a man that says the way to solve a gun problem is by selling more guns.

    And then they say that we’re „the smartest animals on earth“

    Whatever idiot said that is probably some alien outta space to make is feel goood about ourselves

  6. News flash ! The world is getting colder much colder. How is CO 2 responsible for global cooling? All of this is pure crap !

  7. Global warming just sound like thing I getting hotter what I need right now cause it freezing outside I wish it could be summer year long

  8. I blame aliens, they live in Central America, every summer they migrate to the north and south pole where they readjust earth magnetic poles. As the aliens readjust they require clear or non-clear skies sometimes, so when they need the sky clear they move the clouds towards the equator and when they need energy from the sky they bring cloudily, and stormy weather to the poles which makes the equator hotter. The result from the aliens doing this is draining resources from the planet and drastically changing the time. calenders are constantly being updated because aliens changing time.

  9. Thank you, majority of humans, for believing in science! The amount of trolls you see here =/= how many are in the Real World, lol


  11. Uggh! Just shut up! This video is the equivalent if a group of dodo's trying to deferentiate between EXTINCTION and DEATH, instead of doing something about the threat of their own demise! IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT YOU CALL IT, IT'S KILLING US! A poison by any other name is still deadly.

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