Stopping Global Warming

Global Warming is a word that you will come across on any news channel or newspaper or magazine these days. Global warming simply means the presence of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere beyond the permissible limits. The overabundance of carbon dioxide that is present in the atmosphere will capture the heat from the rays of the sun and form a blanket that is warming our planet Earth.

The main source that is contributing this abundant carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is the humans living on this planet. The carbon emissions from cars, polluting factories and industries and the non renewable power plants are all responsible for giving out greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide, methane, nitrogen dioxide etc into the atmosphere. All of the above things that we rely on are a source for making this Earth a less environment friendly for the humans.

One must know that every action, every decision or every purchase he or she makes is going to either help or hurt the future of life on this planet. In fact, all the people in the world have by now know the ill effects of global warming on our planet. So, all of us will be only more than willing to help stop global warming and to make this Earth a better place to live in. A small bit of help from each and everyone living in this planet will make this world a healthier planet for our children, grand children and great grandchildren to live in.

The major source for this rising global warming situation is the human beings living in this planet and it is up to us humans to concentrate on the features that will help to reduce the effect of global warming or will alleviate the occurrence of global warming on our planet. The combating of this dilemma called global warming can be carried out by concentrating on these few points:

The major step in preventing the occurrence of global warming is to conserve energy. There are so many ways in which you can conserve energy and the following will give you an idea on the regular day to day activities that you can follow to save energy and thereby reduce the effects of global warming: turning off appliances that are not in use; pooling of cars to go for office or function; using energy efficient lamps; not using appliances that release chlorofluorocarbons(CFC); planting more trees etc.

Cut on the work hours in your profession that will help save energy and if this is practiced by all the working professionals all over the world, then millions of energy can be saved, which will lead to stopping global warming.

Using of recycled products and recommended plastic carry bags than those with fewer microns which will help in the increase of pollution that will lead to increase in the global warming.

Using of environment friendly fuels and vehicles which may be a bit expensive, but will not contribute to polluting the environment.

Using of solar energy, wind power or water energy to generate electricity for your homes and offices.

With the collective efforts of each and everyone living in the planet, and with everyone caring a little bit for our Mother Earth, it will be easy to reduce the effect of global warming on this planet and make this world a happy place to live in.

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