Scientists Can Now Quickly Link Extreme Weather Events To Climate Change (HBO)

The United States is in the middle of a deep cold snap, and meteorologists are saying that a “bomb cyclone” — essentially a freezing hurricane — will hit parts of the East Coast tonight. It’s a weather cycle that’s prompted a number of climate change deniers — including President Trump — to crack tired jokes about the concept of global warming.

But beyond the misguided social media jabs lies a serious and ongoing discussion about how scientists can connect individual extreme weather events to underlying climate change — and more importantly, how fast they can make now those connections.

Remember that study from 2004? It looked at a European heat wave that took place in 2003, and took a year and a half to complete. In contrast, just three months after Hurricane Harvey, scientists at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory published a study showing that Harvey dropped 38 percent more rain than it would have without underlying climate change. Another group called World Weather Attribution found that hurricanes that size have become three times more probable

VICE News spoke with Myles Allen, a climate scientist at the University of Oxford and one of the researchers behind the first climate attribution study, who explained why scientists are now able to rapidly figure out if an event like Hurricane Harvey was more devastating than it otherwise would have been because of climate change. (Answer: it was.)

“We are now looking at accelerating that whole process because once you’ve agreed on the method you’re using, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel every time you do a new study,” Allen told VICE News. “The actual time it takes to actually do the calculations is not that long.”

This segment originally aired January 3, 2017 on VICE News Tonight on HBO.

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19 thoughts on “Scientists Can Now Quickly Link Extreme Weather Events To Climate Change (HBO)

  1. VICE News spoke with Myles Allen, a climate scientist at the University of Oxford and one of the researchers behind the first climate attribution study.
    WATCH NEXT on climate change:

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  3. poles are moving. check your history, climate change happens over and over. pollution isn't helping but it does happen

  4. Earth should warm more. Cold snaps are horrible. I hope earth will be so warm that no cold snaps can occur!

  5. Well they do have to react quickly to keep the lie going, with all the cold weather around the globe. How do you support the lie, other than saying it too is because of global warming, but this is just weather. Luckily there are that many people stupid enough to completely absorb every bit of propoganda the government and main stream media spew out.

  6. Chances are this year the arctic will have no sea ice. This will "Turn off the airco" and cause global food shortages the next year. According to Prof Emeritus Guy McPherson.

  7. USA is the only country who did not sign Paris accord to prevent global warming. Is this not the biggest threat the world face today?

  8. The earth have been here for 4.54 BILLION years and have been through a lot worse climate disasters (Changes) when there was no industry, no humans, no nothing and to think that our industry and so called dirty energy that have been here for only 250 years will affect this earth like these climate change idiots are saying is total retarded, those 250 years is a fart in the deep space!

  9. "Scientists Can Now Quickly Link Extreme Weather Events To Climate Change". Especially if they wish to hang onto research grants and still have a career. Dissenters are ruined by the Climate fanatics, in case they uncover the whole scam that lies behind the junk science.

  10. & if next winter is even colder ( as the last few have progressively been)

  11. This is absolute bullshit. They are saying that the events themselves prove the climate change theory, they have not shown any HARD scientific facts what so ever, never have and never will because it is all FALSE!

  12. NASA people know the earth has changed since they sent the satellite over the earth. People can’t change Earth, they only observe. The earth only moves by itself with other Universes….Not by a man and even 7.6 Billions People on this Earth.

  13. What will happen after all the ices melt down? Will earth water evaporate and become like mars

  14. Can't tell if it's a guy or girl, but it's being a liberal brainwashed idiot is obvious!

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