Perry suggests global warming is a hoax

During a stop in Bedford, New Hampshire Wednesday, Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry told a room packed with business leaders that global warming is based on scientists manipulating data.
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20 thoughts on “Perry suggests global warming is a hoax

  1. The cycles the encompass the global temperature are such massive blocks of time that they, historically, cannot be recored in a single human life.

  2. The issue of how to deal with climate change is debatable. Policy issues are appropriately governed by the beliefs and worldviews of individuals and groups. I don't know what causes anyone to ignore the overwhelming body of evidence that supports the claim that a large part of climate change is due to human activity, but every single person I've ever met who does not accept the science does so on the basis of political or religious beliefs and NEVER on the basis of science. Go figure.

  3. Admit it,you already lost the argument with logic,reasoning and sheer facts. 🙂

  4. Explain why global temperatures have not risen since 1995? Can you?
    Then shut the fuck up and live your life.
    You're not going to trick me into feeling guilty about driving a car, nor are you going to convince the intelligent people that global warming wasn't a hoax started by Al Gore.
    Go worry about your own carbon bullshit, nescient faggot. I'll worry about my life on my own time, thanks.

  5. If global warming is real, explain to me why global temperatures have not risen since 1995? Explain why we are actually cooling down a few degrees?
    You can't, because you wear a tinfoil hat and believe nonsensical things.
    I bet you believe there isn't a god. I bet you believe that earth and life was an accident, instead of the components for life being everywhere in the universe, right?
    You're an ignorant narrow minded imbecile. And that's giving you a light description.

  6. How about you cut down on all that fluoridated water and pull your head from that ass from yours. It's not the end of the world,simply the end of human kind. Get over yourself sheep.

  7. Humans like you have their head up their ass so far; It's not the end of the world,it is the end of mankind. Humans do not exactly have an excellent record of taking care of nature.

  8. And you need to take off your tinfoil hat and presumably get a life.
    The world won't end in your lifetime. Stop being so selfish.

  9. Wrong dumbass,mankind has been living for 200,000 to 40,000 years. There has been large amounts of industry,burning of cities and forests and the large massive scale use of precious resources.

    This accounts to all history of mankind,we do not take consideration of radiation from the use of nukes from testing and to military use.

    You need to realize that mankind has made a large impact to nature and more than you think.

  10. Explain how harsh weather proves global warming?
    Explain how being here as short a time as we have, and having the industry for only 100 years could cause the earth to heat up?
    Correlation =/= causation

  11. That's like saying, would you like cookies fresh out of the oven or would you like them after they have cooled off, but the catch being you have no cookies.

  12. Perry is paid by Big Oil to say this. He is a corrupt. This is a disgrace. It has real consequences. Climate change denial is as morally wrong as Holocaust denial and the consequences are far more serious. We need renewable energy now, and an end to the reign of fossil fuels. Anyone who buys into c.c. denial is either stupid or corrupt or both.

  13. Not only is climate change denial stupid, but it is also criminally negligent, since there are already many thousands of people dying from it worldwide. If the Republicans really care for the rights of the unborn, why are they not concerned with the rights of future generations, who will suffer and die as a result of their greed? The denial industry was funded by Big Oil. See the stite desmogblog for the proof. Denialism is not very Christian either; see Michael Northcott's book A Moral Climate.

  14. The great global warming swindle was a highly criticised film by scientific organisations and individual scientists (including one of the scientists interviewed in the film and one whose research was used to support the film's claims.The film misused and fabricated data, relied on out-of-date research, employed misleading arguments, and misrepresented the position of the IPCC I suggest you read some peer reviewed papers.

  15. Watch "The great global warming swindle" and find some explanations there

  16. Would u rather pay the money and not face global warming? Or not pay the money and either it will be ok, or face death

  17. That's right,keep fooling everyone that global warming isn't real. Just lock and hide away into your bomb shelters and just wait until everything blows over.

    Like that will solve the entire world's problems.

  18. “Only when the last tree has died and the last river been poisoned and the last fish been caught will we realise we cannot eat money.” ~Cree Indian Proverb

    Rick Perry doesn't believe in manmade global warming he says.
    Harsh weather doesn't prove global warming, Republican lawmakers they says.
    Global warming is just a hoax Republicans says.

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