Opinion: On global warming, will they come after hamburgers next?

Opinion: On global warming, will they come after hamburgers next?
It's amazing how many otherwise sensible people seem inclined to dismiss the risk of global warming because (a) it still snows in February, (b) they took high school biology and they “just don't buy it,” or (c) they're conservatives and “global warming …
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New York AG Forces Coal Company To Settle In Global Warming Case
New York's attorney general just forced the world's largest publicly-traded coal company to tell investors how it believes global warming regulations will impact the viability of its business. Attorney General Eric Schneiderman announced Monday a …
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Global warming could be to blame for active hurricane season
Dozens of scientists from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration analyzed Hawaii's 2014 hurricane season and released a new report that suggests global warming's influence on it could be a reality. Scientific findings released by NOAA …
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