Letter: Global warming is real and expensive

Letter: Global warming is real and expensive
Regarding the column "Global warming is not exactly settled science," yes, it is, according to every scientific body of national or international standing, like the National Academy of Sciences. You can see a list of all 230 of them on NASA's website.
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A Few Questions for Those Who Think Global Warming Isn't Real
If global warming is a hoax … … then why was this September globally the hottest September on record by a substantial margin? Advertisement … then why were seven of the months in 2015 (so far!) the hottest of those months on record (February the …
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In the fight against global warming, the real eco-warriors wear suits and ties
These days the most effective greens seem to sport expensive suits and watches, not beards and sandals, and to hang out in financial institutions, rather than in the environmental pressure groups. For City types are becoming the most powerful advocates …
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