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Global Warming and Agriculture in Montana
Adding peas and lentils to the usual mix of wheat and barley could help farmers turn a profit in drier seasons. But while farmers in the state adapt, finding a solution to Montana’s woes also means getting at the root cause of global warming, such as …
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How Much Can the Worst Coral Bleaching Event on Record Be Blamed on Climate?
The scientists found March Coral Sea temperatures are likely to be 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit (1 degree Celsius) warmer now than before humans polluted the atmosphere. Temperatures recorded by the Australian government last month were slightly higher …
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Meat is madness: why it leads to global warming and obesity
Ireland has a serious obesity problem – one that by 2030 will have spiralled into a full-blown public-health emergency. World Health Organisation projections show that, on current trends, half of Irish adults will be clinically obese within 15 years …
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