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If global warming continues unabated, humans are likely to completely remake
(Full disclosure: I'm a professor at the University of Colorado.) The animation shows computer model simulations of how Arctic sea ice is likely to respond to continued human-caused warming. More specifically, it models how the number of days of open …
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What 7 major cities will look like if global warming continues at its current rate
Rising sea levels from global warming are becoming an increasing threat to major coastal cities across the world. Climate Central has created visual projections of what the world would like post-2100 after a 4°C increase in global warming – a …
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Global Warming Has Been Good to Champagne Makers, So Far
November 10, 2015 10:44 AM. REIMS, FRANCE—. Climate change is a touchy subject in Champagne. As France prepares to host world leaders for talks on how to slow global warming next month, producers of the northeastern French region's famous …
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