Is Global Warming Real?

With the increase in population, more motor vehicles on the road and all of the greenhouse gasses floating up into the ozone, there must be an impact of some kind on the environment. Even if you do not believe global warming is real, the pollution, not to mention the chemicals we eat daily ( that’s a topic I will discuss in another article) is a health hazard, but cleaning up the environment is not an impossible mission. It simply starts with a local goal, a little education and motivation to spread that goal.

One of the organizations I really admire is the National Wildlife Federation because NWF President Larry Schweiger goes above and beyond his call of duty to educate the public about global warming, energy conservation and protecting wildlife and our future on this planet. I have to admit that I once was skeptical about global warming, but after much research and especially after seeing “Inconvenient Truth” I believe it is necessary to reduce if not eliminate greenhouse gas and convert to other more natural energy sources. No I do not believe Al Gore made that documentary for self interest.

I believe he sincerely has a passion for educating people about the effects of green house gases. What is great about NWF is the wealth of information they provide at their website, and they are non-political. They have a whole section for kids and you can order magazines such as “Ranger Rick” which includes ice experiments, how to attract backyard wildlife and more. NWF also has many photos of nature and wildlife to view and if you have kid artists in your house, they can enter their artwork and have it posted on the NWF web site. It’s way cool! Anyway, check it out and read a little about nature and global warming and check out some of the pictures. You can also read Larry’s blog at

The reason I am posting this is because global warming has now entered the political arena and somehow I believe the majority of the U.S. population will not take it serious if it becomes nothing more than a debate between politicians trying to win a vote. On a positive note more people are aware of it thanks to politics and the media. Perhaps I and hundreds of thousands of others around the world are wrong, but I would rather take the necessary precautions and find out I was wrong in 20 years than do nothing and suffer the consequences.

What are your thoughts and opinions about global warming?

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