Is Global Warming Real?

Does Global Warming actually exist?

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18 thoughts on “Is Global Warming Real?

  1. Wait, Trump has irregularities in his skin pigmentation (Orange), He said Global Warming was invented by the chinese to harm the american industry. Coincidence?

  2. Guys global warming is real. I started this whole shit. And its a good thing because I can invade and defeat Russia without worrying about Russian winter

  3. this could have been titeled as (Michael Jackson is illuminati )

  4. This is more real then what the media tells you. Yeah, it's true, but we can stop it.

  5. For the "letters 3 and 2", there's a letter in the Russian alphabet that looks like a 3. This З makes a Z sound as in zebra.
    And There is a letter in the Armenian alphabet that looks like a 2. The շ (lowercase) makes the SH sound as in shower.

  6. Is global warming real? Let's Find Out!
    Global Warming. Global. Global is global.
    Do you know what else is "Global"?
    That's right! -Trump's Wall.
    -Trump. Trump is orange.
    Do you know what else is orange?
    That's right. -Your pussy.
    -Trump likes to "Grab pussy."

    Coincidence? Let's Find Out.
    Pussy contains five letters.
    Trump also contains five letters.
    Five – Five = Zero.
    Trump has zero pussies.

    Trump's wife has a pussy.
    There are millions of pussies around the world.
    Pussies like to eat mice. Pussies are cats.
    Pussies are furry.
    Do you know what else is furry?

    That's right! TRUMP'S HAIR.
    Trump has hair.
    Hair contains four letters.
    Trump contains five letters.
    Five – Four is One
    There is one dick in the White House now, so…

    We can now confirm that global warming is real.

  7. Reptilians do not exist but global warming is a hoax to keep us enslaved.

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