Is Global Warming A Myth?

Leaked e-mails from climate scientists suggest global warming is a hoax.

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Common misconceptions about climate change.
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Music by Kevin McLeod, Songs: Hidden Agenda, Sneaky Snitch, Harlequin
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38 thoughts on “Is Global Warming A Myth?

  1. If carbon dioxide covers the earth then no heat from the sun will come down to earth's surface. Whatever heat that's on the surface will eventually cool down and the earth will go into an ice age again then when the carbon dioxide eventually breaks down after millions of years and life begins again. What we can do is prepare for it instead of trying to prevent it because you can't stop nature from releasing carbon dioxide. Even if we stop all of our factories, nature will continue and eventually earth will become uninhabitable for a while then we can come back when earth cools down.

  2. Not a myth. Mankind ruining the earth will cause a effect on the storms, natural disasters, etc.

  3. Arnold Schwarzenegger is suing the oil companies over global warming. He will state in court that there is evidence that the oil companies did their own research, and concluded that the green house effect is real, is manmade, and is a threat to the planet. They then made a coordinated effort to lie. Go Arnold!

  4. Global warming is fake its all about money, but that doesnt mean we should just litter global warming may be fake but pollution isnt

  5. When my dad was growing up there was a funny T.V presenter, his producer found out he didn’t believe in climate change, and he hasn’t been seen since, very sad

  6. not a single piece of evidence to say global warming is not man-made. truth requires evidence; never forget that.

  7. The earth heats up and cools down in periods. this period the earth is heating up. thats what caused the ice age.

  8. Banks wouldn't give you a 30 year loan on beach front property if Global warming was real.

  9. Lol I am more inclined to agree with the character you meant to portray as incorrect. But you got the smug sureness of the people who tout global warming as true down pat.

  10. I notice how all your graphs are presented in favor of Global Warming, while the skeptic is a suspicious-looking character with nothing but simple, single-sentence claims. This is a well-known propaganda technique and has been used for thousands of years.

  11. I dont like how you presented this. I shared a lot of the same questions but im not an annoying douche like the one you played. You also were pretty condescending about answering the questions, like as if im so stupid for even asking. Otherwise i think its a great video bc it really taught me a lot, you just delivered it badly in a way that can offend the people you're trying to enlighten, which turns many away.

  12. Interesting that there are still people out there who "believe" in global warming. The facts speak another language.

  13. To the global warming hystericals……Which has MORE diversity of life. (1) Tropical Rainforest (2) Antartica… closed.

  14. As the Sun depletes it's nuclear fuel, it burns hotter. In 1 billion more years, the Earth's temperature will rise to the point of vaporizing all liquid water. In 5 billion years the Sun will go into super nova and burn up all the small planets in close orbit. Global warming is a fact and it is not caused by humans.

  15. The globe has been warming since the ice age actually. Acidic pollution is not the same as global warming, because that is pollution, global warming is just as it sounds.. (the globe warming because of Co2 and other green house gases). The ice that is melting sets off much more Co2 and methane than we can all comprehend for by cutting off our fossil fuel usage.

  16. That was a great debunking of global warming skeptics,great video as always

  17. It's sad to see people disagreeing with each other over an issue that we all face. At some point you have to believe that the earth changes, but with our extra push and imbalance throws the natural flow off. I keep reading about 2000 years ago and the earth does this and that, but can we agree that there was not almost 8 billion people on this earth back then?
    Remember, in the end what you believe isn't about what your political party is saying. All politicians have an agenda, but we are the ones who can change that agenda. Just keep an open mind and don't let the media and political forces, who are controlled by even higher forces, sway any idea or belief that you may have.
    If you believe in this, good for you. If you don't believe in this, good for you. The next step is to find that balance of how these ideas can co-exist and become the push for our future and generations after.

  18. The main point still stands. The result of depriving our selves from fossil fuels will be bigger catastrophy than the prediction of keeping it

  19. Now that you proved your point what are we going to do about it?Anyone? That is what I thought.

  20. I gotta tell you bro, this speaks to me. I can't accept the moralizing or the politicizing of science because it pushes objectivity by the wayside. I don't think it makes anyone a bad person for having varying opinions on the human contribution to climate change. What we need are people like you speaking to people like me who, if they have a shred of intellectual curiosity, absolutely appreciate a common sense approach to the topic. No anger, no patronizing, just solid and and very thoughtful presentation of the data and your more tha reasonable conclusions. No ax to grind here, just an intelligent and well spoken gent making one hell of an argument. You've given me food for thought and I'm always hungry lol. So thank you for your excellent video and giving me cause to dig deeper and re-evaluate my own opinions. Well done 🙂

  21. THE 64 QUADRILLION DOLLAR QUESTION! …….. Why cant scientists explain the sudden increasing levels of CO2? What actually caused the "Death of The Dinosaurs"?…… and the "Death of 95% of Permian Creatures? ……. When will CO2 hit +2000ppm ??? Well today there is 600gt of CO2 in the Atmosphere (just the Air 600,000,000,000 tons)…….. There is 2,000gt Tons of Gaseous CO2 in the Ocean (3 x Air) and 6000gt of Liquid CO2 in the Deep Ocean below 1000m (10 x Air). WTF is that to do with the poor dino's……? Well Sea Water can only hold so much CO2 at a given temperature…….. (0.28% at 5'c) (.23% at 10'c) and (.20% at 15'C)………. Now you see where we are going……… Guess what ? We are at 16'c Average Sea Surface Temperature and have reached the threshold of parts of the Ocean to absorb any more CO2…… But the Ocean will continue to absorb CO2 due to Ocean Mixing. However some Ocean Areas are now OUTGASSING CO2……….. For every 1'c rise in the whole Ocean temperature the Ocean will outgas 600gt of CO2………. Now you really see the problem…….. Our air on the earth has about 600gt of CO2 in it. So for 1'c rise in Ocean Temperature we double Air concentrations of CO2 ……. I guess that's us at 800pppm in the not too distant future……. But that is just the beginning……. There is deep sea liquid CO2, Methane and H2S, Lakes and rivers of it.. What will happen to that??? ……. Well measuring the temperature in these lakes/pools and rivers we get a consistent reading of 65'f or 18,3'c……… That's right 18.3'c down there in the deep Ocean below 1000m at 900 Earth Atmospheres Pressure…… Unbelievable right….. Go check it out…… "Deep Sea Lakes" Well it turns out that Liquid Methane, H2S and CO2 have the ability to become Super Critical……… CO2 becomes Super Critical at 31.1'c……… So what are Ocean Temperatures doing??? Well for the second year running we are seeing Surface Ocean Temperatures at 30'c……… Now if we look at the Paleo Carbon Isotopes that give us temperature readings from the Permian and Triassic era, we can see the Whole Ocean gained an average temperature of 18'c – 40'c….. That means large swathes of the Ocean (the whole tropical Ocean) were well above 31.1'c That is the temperature that that deep sea CO2 will become Super Critical ! Yikes…. Is there any evidence this is starting to happen ? Yes there is evidence that this may be underway today.. Buoy's In the Gulf of Mexico have recently recorded temperatures of 140'f coming out of the Central Gulf of Mexico……. This has been observed in the Indian Ocean too. No seismic events were recorded. So what is super heating the Sea Water to 140'f? You got to agree that's not frigging normal …. CO2, CH4 or H2S going Super Critical? This would literally cause the immediate sea area to boil and race to the surface……. No other explanation has yet been put forward…… So LEVEL 1 is "general global warming by any means, natural or forced CO2 at up to 600ppm……… LEVEL 2 Is "disassociation of Gaseous Ocean CO2 caused by level 1 warming = CO2 levels of 1600-2400ppm. LEVEL 3 Is disassociation of liquid CO2, CH4 and HS2 from the deep Ocean. = CO2 levels of 2400-7000ppm…… One interesting fact to note……. There are very few signs of life on land from both the Permian and Triassic era…… This is probably due to land temperatures being well above the generally believed 22-23'c……. The 22-23'c scenario is largely based on deep core isotope readings and not on known surface area isotope readings as the surface readings are mainly corrupted and unusable from a scientific view point….. Secondly we will warm by 3'c per doubling of CO2, so 560ppm = +3'c 1120 = +6'c and 2240 = +9'c……. CO2 only causes 50% of the warming that happens, so double down……… The earths biosphere has a "potential limiting factor" on the warming to 22-23'c which is H2S gas (very lethal and we don't like or want H2S gas) H2S gas is a heavy gas and will sit on top of all water sources, it is highly reflective to Short Wave Radiation, so reflects over 90% of the suns energy back to space, thereby limiting further Ocean Temperature Rise (theoretical)…….. We have little time left to choose our poison…….. Which level shall we

  22. Wiat youre using the dimness chart the same way they used the 40% ice growth…

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