Global Warming

A few facts to ponder, first a volcano will spew more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere in 2 hours than all of the carbon dioxide producing machines people have used in 10 years ( i.e.. cars, power plants, etc.) and there has been a lot of volcanic activity in the last 100 years across the globe. Second BOVINE gas is the 2nd leading cause of carbon dioxide on the planet after volcanoes, yes that’s right, cow farts. Third there are under water volcanoes that superheat water while expelling carbon dioxide into the atmosphere on a daily basis. This effects the water temps around the globe depending on how many of these under water systems go at once. Heat the water and the weather changes and ice melts, science 101.

There are more trees on the earth today in better condition than there were 100 years ago. There is actually more ice covering the earth today than 200 years ago it has just melted in some places but frozen over in others. Our cars and machines pollute less today in 2007 with more of each than with less of each in the 1950’s.

Don’t let people scare you into fearing changes in the weather remember 10,000 years ago there was ice 2 miles deep covering the planet. The whole continent of Africa used to be a tropical rain forest. If you want to conserve please do, I use energy efficient light bulbs (you know the curly florescent bulbs you can now use in regular light fixtures). Why do I use them? Because they use 75% less energy to run than regular light bulbs and I cut my electric bill from $ 75 a month to $ 20 a month. It was a financial decision; I save about $ 600 dollars a year by using them. They are also a lot brighter than regular light bulbs. This is just an example of what I mean. If you want to conserve DO IT!! If you don’t want to that is OK. Most of the talking heads like the Kennedy’s and Gore don’t conserve energy at all but they are going to try to force us to. Gore even has the gumption to propose a GLOBAL WARMING TAX on us through the United Nations and our own American government.

Just remember this and you will understand what is happening… NOTHING STAYS THE SAME!!! We all live on a gigantic rock hurling at thousands of miles per hour through the ever expanding universe. We are kept in a planetary line by gravity created by a massive nuclear reactor THE SUN! Yes, that’s right! The SUN is the most magnificent nuclear reaction creation to sustain life and it can also destroy entire universes. We spin around this thing everyday and the SUN spews coronal mass ejections or waves of radioactive materials at us everyday. This would also help create global warming. Don’t you think? Scientist do….And don’t forget the axis of the earth. As we rotate different areas of the earth have different positions towards the SUN. How do we know what just 10 inches in any rotation direction of the earth will do to cause an environmental change on our planet?

If you want to fear something I will give you something to fear and here it is. At any time an asteroid 2 to 3 miles thick and 5 miles wide could hit the earth and all life as we know it would cease to exist in the blink of an eye. Laughing are you? There are only 20 to 25 people observing the skies, yet there are millions of huge rocks that are miles in diameter floating around (asteroids) in our little universe. They call them asteroids because they are the second cousin twice removed from a hemorrhoid or a pain in the ass (just kidding).

Global Warming on the other hand is a progression of earth that will happen no matter what people do. Fear mongers are trying to make it out to be us the human beings fault other than nature and in turn taking advantage of people for the gain of political power.

My name is Don Murphy I am a Guiness Book of World Records record holder for Marathon Drumming. I am also the “EXTREME DRUMMER” I do drumming shows that people have never seen before. I like to write about the experiences I have had in life and world views from the “Working Man’s” perspective. I like to write about my experiences so that people who are in the same or similar situations can get an outside perspective of how to deal with these situations also some of what I have lived through is very weird and entertaining. My website is and you can get more information about me and what I have accomplished and will accomplish in the future.

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