Global Warming Myths

Today nuclear power race and global warming are one such two hot topics that can steer conversation from an unexpected corner. Everyone of us have heard of global warming before either in media or read it somewhere or were forced to read it during exams. Global warming is one most of the most discussed topics around the world. Although there are many scientific facts to prove certain truths about the global warming. Global warming is also one of the most misunderstood topics.

There are many popular Global warming myths

* Myth 1: Earths temperature is rising at alarming level.
Fact: This is the most commonly perceived Global warming myth. In reality the temperature is just increasing slightly not in alarming levels. There has been very solid evidence to prove that even the temperature of Earth was rising when Global warming and greenhouse effect was not an issue. So now scientists claim that slight increase in temperature is normal not alarming.

* Myth 2: Humans cause global warming.
Fact: This is the very popular Global warming myth that human beings are cause of global warming. Although human beings contribute very largely towards global warming but they are not the only reason for it. The changes were very radical from time to time. Temperature of earth has been on path of slight increase from time to time. The exact cause of global warming is still paves way for unending debates.

* Myth 3: Slight temperature increase will melt icecaps.
Fact: This is also one of the most commonly perceived Global warming myth .Winter related deaths are more than summer related deaths. In UK itself every year slight rise in temperature saves 200000 people from death. Although some glaciers have melt but in some other parts of world the ice caps are also thickening. So there is no hard core evidence to prove that the ice caps are continuously melting due to slight increase in temperature.

* Myth 4: Weather changes are related to human activities.
Fact: Extreme weather changes are related to solar activities. They are not related to any sort of human activities. Although increase in carbon dioxide levels will contribute towards slight changes in weather but extreme weather conditions cannot be caused solely by human activities.

* Myth 5: Population of Polar bears are dwindling due to Global warming.
Fact: Polar bears largely depend on ice sheets to swim and catch seals for food. So melting of the ice sheets will dwindle seals so Polar bears have to swim to long distances to hunt for them. But that does not mean that Polar bear population is dwindling.

* Myth 6: Climate changes are causing increase in sea level.
Fact: Another widely circulated Global warming myth is that increase in sea level is due to Climate changes brought out by Global warming. But in reality the increase in sea level is due to interglacial periods. Changes are part of nature so the sea levels will continue to increase even if there are no climate changes.

* Myth 7: There are no perfect Computer models which predict Global warming.
Fact: Many of the debates regarding Global warming arises from Computer circulated models.
But in fact these computer models are widely used by scientists and meteorologists to predict weather. Although these computer models are not accurate or perfect but still they have moderately high success rates.

Global Warming Myths

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