Global Warming Is Increasing Russia’s Profits, And Pollution, VICE on HBO, Full Episode

Climate change is causing catastrophic changes to our planet, but it may be an economic blessing for Russia. As the Arctic ice melts, petroleum and mineral resources are more accessible, shipping lanes are opening up and the frozen Siberian tundra could become arable. In fact, the Russian government and people seem to be welcoming the warming temperatures. And with America pulling out of the Paris Agreement, perhaps this is a glimpse into our own future.

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20 thoughts on “Global Warming Is Increasing Russia’s Profits, And Pollution, VICE on HBO, Full Episode

  1. May aswell profit, You cant stop climate change even if we were wiped off the face of the planet. The very ice itself melting is releasing gasses speeding up the process and many other factors. Canada for instance, its forests clean more carbon out of the air than the entire country produces.
    There is proof that there was once ice bridging Russia and Canada together. Now its going the other way and probably eventually into ice everywere one day.

    People need to get off their high horse like theyre saving the world they arent they cant and they dont even know what theyre doing. A hybrid vehicle for instance creates more pollution in its creation process (mostly the batteries, the ore that is mined to make them) and it will never be able to make up for that. Yet environmentalists are pushing so hard for electric vehicles not even looking at the facts, big diesel machines mine the metal ores that the car and its many batteries are made with.

    There is no denying climate is changing, there is also no denying we can not stop it. The earth is going threw a phase it happens, its been happening it gets cold it freezes over it gets hot it melts there is proof of this. But people are daft these days unfortunately.

  2. Hey hypocrite. Who's been the worst polluter for the last 50 years? What a slanted view by thuggish descendants of European settlers (New World land thieves).

  3. When the Earth is hungry for humans, I will feed her 5 Billion People. Wow. When is someone going to do something? God knows I get money I'm buying a 5 dollar rope and hanging the evil out of this planet.

  4. If I didn't know better I'd probably say that stock footage of a Deutz tractor harvesting carrots was say maybe Scotland, Vice??

  5. Wildfires are not "damage." What an incredible lie to be telling. Wildfires are a natural process that replenishes the soil when forests become too thick.

  6. It's good to see Vice actually reporting on the positives that climate change brings. I know they don't like the fact that there are positives, but at least they're recognizing it.

  7. 4:57 The lefty snowflake vice reporter doesnt realize shes getting trolled heavily by the lady. im not even russian but i can definitely see the irony in the body language haha

  8. Starts the video with "Its not as cold as I thought", trying to scriptedly convince the viewers from the start that russia is burning from the global warming. The sad truth is that it was probably so cold she was shivering to death. Fake news is what this is folks

  9. It's gonna be nice to have warm winters, but it ain't gonna be nice when we all boil to death…

  10. I studied in Siberia last year. In Irkutsk next to lake Baikal to be precise. Speaking to the students and teachers in university, the overall consensus was very clear: climate change is real. Winters are now getting warmer in Siberia. The Northwest Passage is opening. Of course many people think this is a good thing. On the other hand most Russians I spoke to with, understood the catastrophic consequences for our world on a global scale. Still, a very good report. This the Vice I subscribed to and made me want to become a journalist!

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