Global Warming

The subject has been debated for quite a while now. There are those who hide away in their holes, like bears hibernating in the winter. Oh, wait, that’s probably not a good analogy. There are those who blame the “El Nino” for the unseasonably warm weather we are having in parts of the country. Most recently I have also heard that the 70 degree January weather is also just a cyclical thing. The earth has hot flashes, too.

I want to know where El Nino came from. If that is the cause of some of this warm weather, what is the cause of the El Nino? I don’t recall having heard of that growing up. I’ve been around for a few decades and not until recently has El Nino been mentioned. Maybe it was a California thing, like thong bikinis and only now is it starting to be known in other parts of the country. I like warm weather, and I don’t mind thong bikinis, but when the weather cycle starts to impact crops and ice shelves and impact arctic and antarctic wildlife, maybe we need to examine what’s going on.
Oh, wait, some people have examined it already. It’s that pesky science stuff again. I tell you what. We need to give that science stuff a rest already. Haven’t enough things been discovered already? Now it’s just getting in the way of reasonable policy.

I think it is quite possible that El Nino, cyclical changes and emissions all have something to do with the weather changes. I am pretty sure that we can’t change Mother Nature, so we have to do what we can on the third leg of the warming stool. (That sounds a little gross.

The first step our government needs to take is to get the politics out of science. Maybe there is no effect on the climate from our polluting ways, but the rest of the world seems to think that there is. Doesn’t that suggest that we should re-examine the data and take whatever steps we need to, in order to preserve the planet for future generations?

It seems to me that we are presented the perfect scenario. A true win-win for the United States and the cilvilized world. Develop alternate energy sources, reduce dependence on oil, reduce pollution, reduce the income for terrorists by lowering the price of oil, and clean up the environment. What is the worst that could happen then? Suppose there is no man-made global warming. Is there a downside to the points I’ve just made?

Oh, yeah, there is one downside. Big oil would lose. But they are already going to lose. Their raw materials can only last so long. Many respected reports have already said we are past the 50% depleted level of oil in the ground. The midpoint for oil has been placed everywhere from 1972 to yesterday, but the truth of the matter is that it took millions of years to produce that oil and we have run through a large percentage of it in less than a century. Now is the time to start replacing oil with other energy sources, for the good of all.

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