Global Warming

Global warming is a popular term used to describe the increase in average global temperatures of the earth due to the greenhouse gases effect, resulting in an increase in the volume of water which contributes to sea-level rise. Greenhouse gases occur by increasing of gas emissions. Increasing of gas emissions is caused by human activities such as burning coal, oil and natural gas. This releases CO2, Methane and other greenhouse gasses to atmosphere.

As we know more than 200 leading climate scientists have warned the United Nations Climate Conference (In Bali) of the need to act immediately to cut greenhouse gas emissions, with a window of only 10-15 years for global emissions to peak and decline, and a goal of at least a 50 per cent reduction by 2050. The side effect of global warming are increasing sea-levels caused by increasing the volume of water as mentioned before, causing by temperature heat make glacier retreat, arctic shrinkage, and altered patterns of agriculture are cited as direct consequences. As predicted by scientist for secondary and regional effects include extreme weather events, an expansion of tropical diseases, changes in the timing of seasonal patterns in ecosystems, and drastic economic impact.

As this problem caused by human activities so to prevent this things to be worse is start from our self. Begin from reducing the level of certain gases that enter our atmosphere and caused devastating changes to our world, watch how much fuel that we use in vehicles and other fuel powered machines. Encourage to stop illegal logging and give some education to people to plants for reforestation. The critical reductions in global emissions of greenhouse gases and the atmospheric stabilization target highlighted in the Bali Declaration places a tremendous responsibility on the Bali United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. Negotiations at Bali must start the process of reaching a new global agreement that sets strong and binding targets and includes the vast majority of the nations of the world. Now let us fight together to stop global warming for better life.

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