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Global warming could do more than just melt polar ice. It could change our maps, and displace people from cities and tropical islands.
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Global Warming 101 | National Geographic

National Geographic

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Global Warming.
The thicker layer of greenhouse gases traps more heat.
This result in an increase in average temperature of the earth and the earth becomes hotter and hotter.
This is called global warming.
If we do not take steps to reduce global warming, it will lead to loss of human lives, plants and animals.
Steps to reduce global warming:
Plant more trees. Reduce, reuse and recycle. Use less hot water. Turn off electronic devices when not in use. Spread awareness.
Come on everybody, let us reduce global warming.
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40 thoughts on “Global Warming 101 | National Geographic

  1. The way I was predicting so far, about the weather it is happening exactly the way I thought. Today people became touchy about the guns in the US, because it took minor children life's. Can you imagine Co2 soon will prove to be more deadly than any gun or weapon exits on earth. Because 220 C. soon coming near you. Next 10 years earth's population will decrease rapidly & it will start from US, you may wonder why US I feel urgently I have to make another video clips to give clear explanation

  2. I dare to any body who call them self scientist, & they are more touchy about the title than knowledge. Let them explain me one thing, what will be more useful when they are on the edge of the cliff & about to go down the cliff. The "knowledge or title"?

  3. You speak to me out of turn again and I won't give yo mama any of this giant curvy fleshy lovestick.anymore.
    I won't give any to yo sissy daddy, either.

  4. I hear I'm gonna be arrested for ridiculing global warming freaks. Come and fucking get me!
    Global warming….what a fucking crock of shit.

  5. Please have a look at the Youtube Video of Save Planet Earth. The song is being established as an Anthem for all Green Supporters and hopefully everyone that will be attending Earth Day Events

  6. anyone who thinks its a hoax its to be slapped in the face and woken up

  7. i cant believe theres still nim rods out there oblivious to fucking facts and obvious fucking evidence hey fuckheads global warming exists simple as that pointless to aruge with your narrowmined ass so go live in a fucking cave no one will miss you

  8. @randomlaughingman you're such a psycho clara, Did the aliens try to egg your worthless heap of shit car again? Disgusting old jewbag

  9. @me
    Maybe a requirement for equal spending in other areas too, like the 2340 lobbypests they spent 128.76 million on in 2008 and the almost equal amount spent on defectively head plumbing the general public with denial of a 95% assured scientific consensus. I'd make it retroactive but that may be too much like fundamental common wealth management hippy stuff.

  10. I'm not so sure the fossilsaurs need to worry about environmentalists using the baby drilling disaster in the gulf . Environmentalists just worn the public about stuff that isn't obvious, like potential for oil spills. Fossilsaurs may need to look out for angry fishermen. If I was Obama man I'd ask for an equal investment in alternatives for every dollar spent on the offshore baby drilling.

  11. @MarkNobes does that mean everything is going to be okay now Mark or will it not make one iota of difference who is in Downing Street.

  12. @OZcheckm8 Yeah…except satellite temp records show the same thing:

    data (dot) giss (dot) nasa (dot) gov (slash) gistemp (slash) graphs

  13. This video is bull. Global warming has been proven to be a scam, and has been proven FALSE. Al Gore just wanted to make money off it, and he did.

    He recently purchased a beach front property home. If sea levels are riaing so much, then why did he buy the house.

    He says jets and airplains do damage to the earth. Yet he rides his private jet around the country.

  14. @OZcheckm8
    I thank you for reply, and let me put it to you like this. We have two options, be taxed for oil which will run out and ultimately increase in price till no one but the richest can buy it or be taxed for energy that would be limitless and may save the environment and improve our world. One options leads to 'normal' people getting fuel for a short time and then ti being cut away and the other, to energy which could belong to everyone. You will have to pay either way.

  15. @OZcheckm8
    More life as in mosquitoes…yes? I did read that mosquitoes will tend to be abundant due to global warmings affect on seasons too.
    I'm still somewhat skeptical of your theory. How is it possible that more Co2 will make more life?

  16. I’m 11 and watched the hole. I’d and learned more than what my science teacher was saying lol

  17. Super a good massage for childrens so pleaseeeee stop global warming and grow more than more trees and plants how much you can.

  18. ride bikes more instead of cars! Use solar panels for electricity, use the biogas project

  19. This video is so cute and very helpful to learn about global warming by the way I watched this at school and at home! Great vid

  20. this is so sad. can we please take this serious guys.can we please respect earth.this is the place u live in and we are destroying it please guys try to plant more trees or do something to stop global warming

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