ExxonMobil Denies Lying about Global Warming

ExxonMobil Denies Lying about Global Warming
“Exxon Mobil recognizes that climate risks are real and responsible actions are warranted,” said Ken Cohen, the company’s vice president of public and government affairs, during a press call (E&ENews PM, Nov. 5). New York Attorney General Eric …
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The Spider Is Coming
What’s more disturbing, however, isn’t that we are actively choosing not to do anything, but that there is even a debate in the first place that global warming is manmade. … Apparently, if we just keep pretending it’s not real, we’ll never have to …
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Lamar Smith’s Conspiracy Accusations Have Gone Off the Rails
However, because NOAA understands that global warming is real, and has said so, they have become the target of Smith’s ire. He has used his power of congressional subpoena to coerce the head of NOAA, Kathryn Sullivan, to hand over all data and emails …
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