Energy and climate issues to watch in 2018

From greenlighting the Keystone Pipeline to removing climate change from the list of national security threats, President Trump has done much to undo climate policies enacted by former President Obama. Axios energy reporter Amy Harder joins CBSN to discuss what to expect from his administration in 2018.

Big nations might be struggling to avoid a two-degree temperature rise.

The Arctic island of Greenland is welcoming it.

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7 thoughts on “Energy and climate issues to watch in 2018

  1. In Nature Today Magazine scientist published their calculations on Radiative Forcing Due to increased CO2 Emissions. Their findings pin down the Warming that will happen if CO2 are doubled. They state that the earth will war 3'c for every doubling of CO2. But there is a bigger problem at hand. Firstly the same calculations on CH4 produce even more warming, also Water Vapour is a significant Green House Gas. Both are many times more powerful a GHG than CO2. Secondly there is the warming effect amplification. This means when the earth warms it releases vast amounts of CO2, CH4 and increases Atmospheric Water Vapour causing further warming. Best calculations available for todays Green House Gas Concentrations are 1.2'c for CO2 (280ppm – 400ppm +40%), 1.5'c for CH4 (700ppb – 1850ppb +150%), 1.5'c for Water Vapour (400ppm – 444ppm +11%) and for every 1'c of warming a further warming of .7'c. Those calculations give us a combined CO2 Equivalent Level of 1664 up from a base level of 750ppm. Therefore we have more than doubled Green House Gasses in the earth atmosphere. The science that is not yet pinned down is the Climate Inertia effect. How long does the warming take to happen. It is generally thought this is circa 40 years. Most of this period is used by warming the Oceans. Then the Atmosphere follows in quick order. If these calculation are correct then the earth will warm by 4.2'c by circa 2058 there will then be further warming of (4 x .7'c) 2.8'c, a total of 7'c by 2100.

  2. They the INDUSTRY blames the people…THEY BUILT the system ALL OF IT, how is it that they won't, can't, refuse to turn the page and FIX IT OR BETTER UPDATE TO A NEWER CLEANER METHOD.
    Do not take the blame, IT IS THE FAT CATS, you will never hear Trump or any other president say that…it is fixed.

  3. There is no scientific proof that an increase in atmospheric levels of CO2 will result in an increase in global temperatures. 켘 ˁ ̊̅ ل͢ ̊̅ ˀ
    The lefts lack of scientific proof is well established and there is no need for further discussion without it.

  4. I have irrefutable evidence of Climate Change…………………………….snow in the winter and rain in the summer. Plus I found a grey hair on my head. Undeniable proof of Climate Change!

  5. Trump gave a Green light for corporations to pollute the air, water and soil. He signed a Bill making it lacks for them to do as they please with out oversite. "IN the name of Jobs" his stupid base are ignorant for voting this guy in. His god is mammon.

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