Delusion & Fraud: ‘Global warming nonsense lobby to collapse’

Canada has pulled out of the 1997 anti-global warming Kyoto protocol, saying the treaty is ‘not working’. The departure comes a day after further climate talks in South Africa led to a new agreement, which is set to replace Kyoto by 2015. Piers Corbyn, the founder of the Weather Action Foundation, hopes Canada withdrawal will lead to the collapse of “useless” Kyoto protocol.

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Dr Gavin Schmidt – Global Warming Exposed – Trailer
Watch the Full Episode for FREE only at: // Public release 22nd-Oct-2017)
Dr Gavin Schmidt is Director of the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies, one of the world’s top climate research organisations.

He works on understanding past, present and future climate change and on the development and evaluation of climate models. He is the principal investigator on the GISS Earth System Model, which uses NASA High Performance computing facilities, and is working on improving data analytics to make the optimum use of the massive amounts of output data that this model and similar projects worldwide generate. His 2014 TED talk on climate modelling has been viewed over a million times.

Gavin Schmidt is only the third person to hold this post for NASA, taking the role after James Hansen – the “father of climate change awareness”.

He have written over 120 publications that specialise in simulations of the past, present and future and

Scientific American cited him, as one of the 50 Research Leaders of 2004.

Gavin Schmidt propose that climate models are SKILFUL, but MORE IMPORTANTLY, it is essential for us to ‘get off our carbon diet’.

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40 thoughts on “Delusion & Fraud: ‘Global warming nonsense lobby to collapse’

  1. Very true and very sensible.  Just how could governments have listened to such cods wallop.

  2. All they do is show us the polar bear with a bit of melting. Cattle farts are bad but nothing gets said about it. Ya cant tax animals just the people who owns em. Next it will be fresh air because this belongs to the people who dictate us

  3. Totally agree its a shame we are not allowed to see these interviews on the bbc sky or the other so called impartial organizations. The whole thing is fake

  4. It is having an effect already.


    Russia could do this too. It would be a great benefit to Russia. The huge steppes region is perfect for it. For more info.


  5. "Why has MET UK recently said they fucked up and the world is not warming?"
    Source please 🙂

  6. In order: Because they don't have as large an effect; They didn't lie about anything, they were stitching together data from myriad sources, often contradictory, as any intelligent analysis of their comments would reveal; They simply have not said this, their projections have been adjusted but that's standard stuff; In what way? The trend is hidden in the short term by the numerous other factors of which we've spoken; A carbon tax will hopefully encourage more efficient behaviour, hopefully…

  7. Here we go, the cause of your beliefs on this issue are plain to see. You hate taxes, you hate government, so you presume against the science when it suggests some change is needed that might involve increasing those things. I have immense faith in your ability to rationally weight up the facts in light of this :/ You want 'pure freedom', eh? The people peddling this far-right 'Libertarianism' are the same ones funding climate denial organisations. They benefit the most from both delusions.

  8. Because heat causes the release of CO2 from oceans, permafrost etc. How does that tell us anything about what happens when we increase it ourselves?? There are many other factors than CO2, but they are known to scientists, investigated, and controlled for in models. The sun has cooled over the last 30 years or so, which is probably contributing to the current flattening of temperatures. Thinking the small percentage of CO2 means it can't be having these effects is seriously dumb.

  9. lol you don't think the US maybe has a reason for raising revenues right now?? Australia is increasing its income tax allowance (a cut) so increasing the total is quite obviously not the intention. Why don't you answer that question about the other gases? Surely if raising revenues was the whole point then they would be being used in the same way as carbon, right?? So why not? The 150bn figure represents the size of the carbon-trading market, not the money set to be made by the organisers of it.

  10. The whole taxation idea is just tin-foil hat nonsense of the highest order. Governments have never needed an excuse to raise taxes before – if they want to do so they can justify it in so many other ways. In actual fact most governments seem obsessed with LOWERING taxes right now, so I really struggle to understand how people fail to see through this retarded conspiracy theory.

  11. Perhaps they should also be taxed – I'd like to see every pollutant incurring some kind of penalty, and these other gases to see more attention. Dealing with the carbon problem alone won't fix everything if, after it's harm has been ended, temperatures still creep up from the influence of other gases. The Met Office released new projections – that's not saying they were wrong, it's showing new data. That's how science works, nothing is ever '100%'.

  12. How about you explain why something being low in concentration means it can't have a significant effect? You could demonstrate with a cyanide pill if you like. If you look at the temperature record there are plenty of 12-year periods where the temperature dropped, then went on to continue the upward trend in the longer term. CO2 trailed temperature historically because it was all natural cycles, now we are here pumping extra in – it's not hard to understand.

  13. Thus what we need to analyse is the rate of change of the barycentre versus the solar activity / cycle. Think of the sun as a liquid in a cup being gently swirled around by your hand movement. Over time the amplitude of the swirls gets bigger. Then change the rate of your hand movement and watch the liquid in your cup slosh out. CMEs and Solar flares in effect.

    Planetary positions thus affect the sun and in turn the sun affects the earth.

  14. There is something to what piers is saying… Consider…
    Quasi 11 year solar cycle.. coincidence that it is about the orbital period of Jupiter? However, Gravitational tidal forces are largely ruled out as being too weak. What we forget however is that the planets do not orbit the sun. They orbit the barycentre of the solar system (its centre of mass) which the sun also orbits around. This barycentre changes constantly as a result of planetary positions and rarely located at the sun's centre.

  15. Duh, all this time we've been putting all these green house gases into the atmosphere, but that's not why there's more co2 there, it's because it's warmer out. Oh…That makes more sense

  16. China have made it clear that it has no intention of signing up to any global warming agenda.
    Therefore any companies in the protocol closing down for non compliances under the agenda will either shift to China or the goods will be manufactured over there.
    Apart from which this was dreamt up in the sixties as a means of fear (see The Grand Chessboard) Al Gore has taken it on and refuses to debate it ! so fuck it !

  17. Kyoto is junk media, meant to ignore how we need to re-green, or we will lose the oceanic food chain, to carbonic acidification, already killing off oysters, reefs, plankton, little fish, and eggs. Larger animals and the land food chain are NEXT. Kyoto and the Clean Air Act (US) are meant to force new nuclear construction, without research into CO2-neutral biomass, like hemp, which Canada has, but it exports petroleum, and to fall back on its own hemp-corn surplus competes with big oil.

  18. Ah Corbyn: the lying douchebag whose year-long weather predictions fail constantly and who claims to be an astro-physicist when he isn't.

    This is why I don't trust Russia Today.

  19. So many frauds have been exposed pushing this agenda, I don't believe it anymore.
    It's simply about controlling populations and raking in more Taxes through fear.

  20. if globle warming is real then explain why everywhere in the world has had record snowfalls this winter? because you all say globle warming is real but where is your proof? how do you know the ice in the north pole is melting because of us how do you know it isn't climate change?

  21. Wow look at how YouTube has shifted. Its now a thought filtering device. Concensus is not science. Wake up people

  22. Progressive media still pushing this? The point of waiting is to see if the predictions are valid Dr. Gravy Train. And so far….. Not so much.

  23. Not only are the ice caps disappearing and receding but apparently so is Dr. Gavin's hair line

  24. Poor dude chose to study pseudoscience, and now he can't admit he got fooled. Flat Earth, guys. Research it.

    Btw, I absolutely loved the music; it was very emotive and reactionary. But yeah, it's RHETORIC too, just like Spielberg's Schindler's List violins.

  25. Its funny how people think global warming is hurting our environment when plants literally live off of CO2. Of anything it should be making our environment flourish.

  26. hes right. a lot of it is a hoax. this proves nothing. there IS MAN MADE CLIMATE CHANGE BUT ITS NOT CAUSED BY CO2 EMMISONS YOU TARDS. its caused by aerosols and the intentional ironization of the oceans creating dead zones and killing life that would otherwise keep the ecosystem stable. this change is also due to happen naturally anyway as we are at the end of the first warming period. so if there is any man made change its due to the elites who want it to happen so they can push their international communist agenda through. carbon is natural and essential. the war on carbon is the most idiotic thing humans have ever done. it's nothing more than a depopulation agenda for the elites. any catastrophic events will be induced artifically. all that will cone to light very soon.

  27. I pity the climate change deniers. Just like the flat Earthers, and the Luddites, they have small minds, and even smaller ideals.


  29. IF "FOSSIL" FUELS were truly made of Fossils, they wud be organic and not-harmful, but they're far from it. We ONLY GET TOXIC CRAP FROM THEM such as gasoline, motor oils, plastics, etc. To say they only produce Global Warming is actually pretty mild.

  30. PROBLEM IS NOT GLOBAL WARMING OR NOT. It is THE FACT that by using the falsely called "Fossil Fuels" we are very effectively destroying our planet. Each spill kills THOUSANDS of birds and fish, millions in the case of BP in the Gold of
    Mexico. We MUST develop alternative energies (wind, water falls, solar, etc) if we wish to survive as a species, and fast.

  31. Global Warming is only imagined by those who want to see it. That is a particular political crowd that knows almost nothing about climate science. And the less they know, the more sure they are of their position.

    The scientific case linking human emissions of CO2 with Modern Warm Period falls flat when people realize that previous Warm Periods (that were warmer than today) had nothing to do with human emissions or with CO2 from another source. Previous Warm Periods went by names like Minoan, Roman, and Medieval.

    As to the Climate Models, most scientists, even Alarmists, are fully aware of their inability to correctly forecast the Global Temperature over the last two decades. That means they are essentially useless.

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