Climate Skepticism Has Lost Major Ground Among Weather Experts

Climate Skepticism Has Lost Major Ground Among Weather Experts
Among climate scientists, there’s a consensus that climate change is real and driven by human activity. Among meteorologists and weathercasters, however, that acceptance of climate science has historically been harder to find. That may have finally …
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Earth Hasn’t Heated Up This Fast Since the Dinosaurs’ End
“It means we don’t have a really good analog in the past for the massive amount of carbon we’re releasing,” he said. “Even if we look at the PETM and say the transition to a warmer climate may have been relatively smooth, there’s no guarantee for the …
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Could an Economic Collapse be in Our Near Future?
At least global warming is acknowledged today, even if the world’s governments prescriptions thus far are woefully inadequate. In 1972, the message of The Limits to Growth was far from welcome and widely ridiculed. Adjusting parameters to test variousĀ …
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