20 thoughts on “Climate Change Says Scientist 2017/2018

  1. Only climate change problem we have are the chemtrails infestation of deadly chemicals aluminum oxide, Barium, Strontium, Titanium, Chromium, Sulfuric acid, arsenic, nanoparticles / microscopic particles,we're all going to die

  2. Climate change is real and only idiots deny it, that's why somebody should fucking blow up this FOX network and crucify this fucker Tucker in front of his family, before his tongue is cut! Slimy, word twisting motherfucker, pls make a law which will allow to kill him when spotted!

  3. Chemtrails are killing our whole world, it stays wet even when it's not raining black mold is everywhere.
    Morgellon is a killer it's all about chemtrails and people thinking they are God, they are not.
    The temp is worse with them closing the sky in on us!


  5. I do agree with chemtrails and pollution from the factories and so many thousands of things why the people have to pay taxes when companies all around dump all the poison in the air and on the ground they should be the ones responsible and give them finds

  6. This moderator ist stupid, he got no fucking clue about science does work, but we all do science work in school.
    You do a scientific work by beeing skeptical but when it is done and proven to be right you are not skepitical anymore about the facts the results are then reality and fact and not something you need to discuss or to questioning.

  7. The reality is FAR WORSE, FAR MORE DIRE than the msm is telling you folks, and THAT is the inconvenient truth. We don't have 9 years, we'll be lucky to get through this one. Fire or flood, pick your poison.

  8. So, when " the old people" are killed off because they don't agree on " climate" causes, what happens when the " next" Global issue rises to the top?? Well let's project that , say- Generation X – doesn't agree with the " science proven" issues?? So, are the Science Elites, agreeable to " eliminate " GenX for disagreeing? Where does this intimidation end?? When Only the ELITE remain?? GOD Laughs at the evil plans of evil man!!!

  9. Climate change is not a scientific debate it is a political debate it is complete fake .

  10. We don't need to smoke any more to get cancer just breath in the chem trail's, which is denied here in the UK

  11. If the case is that CARBON is FROZEN in SOIL then why don't we FREEZE the CARBON we produce? We can bury NUCLEAR WASTE!! Why don't we go ALL ELECTRIC? WATER FUELLED cars anyone?? WE CAN SEND MEN TO THE MOON 50 YEARS AGO BUT CAN'T FREEZE CARBON TODAY?! Can't keep the CARBON that is ALREADY FROZEN, STILL FROZEN?!?! NONSENSE!! Oh yeah WAR will help it and also more CARBON TAXES!!! HAHAHA!!! IT'S OKAY TOO EVERYONE BECAUSE THE POWERFUL AND WEALTHY WILL BE ABLE TO SURVIVE NUCLEAR FALLOUT AND GLOBAL WARMING. What with all the nuclear bunkers and end of world scenario underground facilities already having been built, which they have the keys to. I don't have any such keys. Does anybody else other than those wealthy enough? Such things built from taxes and profits from consumables. The have-nots however, who have had to spend money to live in the first place and work jobs barely covering the needs of their families. Yeah, well good luck and see you on the other side. No matter what we think a human catastrophe has been counting down since the dawn of man's existence AND since the last planetary catastrophic event. It has been fed through the MEDIA for DECADES that something WILL cause MASSIVE LOSSES of HUMAN LIFE and CHANGE THE WORLD as WE KNOW IT so if anybody is surprised then I ask how the fook can you be? They have always told us and not even through subliminal messages, they have told us to our faces in PLAIN SIGHT!!! For DECADES!!!

  12. I f I was that scientist I would have told that hack Carlson to go fuck himself and walk off set

  13. it's all a cycle or rather multiple cycles == nothing we do or do not do will change it — we're insignificant to these cycles– all the info you need is available –

  14. There are a lot around science,but very few of them scientists…
    You think that the sciences are limited to the Amirican and Eurpean peoples…
    Please read my comments at these adresses(deeadful natural disasters happening in russia,china,south africa&others)and(experiments cooling our planet using ice crystals to explain global tempreature)…
    Yousif Ayoub Tobiya
    Forcibly displaced

  15. People watch videos and movies trailers and so long. Plz just stop posting stupid videos END TIMES SIGNS NEWS stop your just doing it to scare people so stop that. Just admit that what your posting is a lot of bullshit.

  16. Bill Nye is 61 years old. He should start thinking about is there a God instead of being in denial because he could be facing our Lord and Savior
    at any time! He could die at anytime and be in for a big surprise!

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