Author Bob Henson on global warming

Author Bob Henson on global warming
Two troubling climate reports are raising concerns about the pace of climate change and the impact of a warming planet. Scientists said the global temperature rise could reach 1 degree Celsius (33.8 degrees Fahrenheit). That's the halfway point to what …
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The Latest from Rojo on Global Warming
A whopping 97% of climate scientists agree that the Earth's climate is warming because of human activity. U.S. Senator Ron Johnson, however, takes issue with the notion that 97% is any kind of consensus within the scientific community, saying recently …

Scientists Are Breeding 'Super Corals' To Save Reefs From Global Warming
At a research center on the 28-acre Coconut Island, in Kaneohe Bay, Gates and her team are further stressing strong corals by exposing them to warmer, more acidic water. They then breed the resilient strains with one another, helping perpetuate the …
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