About Global Warming

Nowadays, with the development of economy, more and more greenhouse gases are being discharged into the air.Co2 makes up about 70 present of greenhouse gases. It is considered to be one of the greatest reasons leading to global warming.

It is very serious, but many people have not recognized it because they only think about themselves as well as the present profits. They don’t mind the ice melting. They don’t mind how many animals become extinctive. They don’t mind how many coastal cities become flooded. They are wrong. Neglecting the environment in which they live in is equal to neglecting their rights as well as their offspring’s rights to sustain in this planet.

Global warming can have many strong influences for us. For example, global warming will enhance the sea level and several years later, many places will be immerged under water and many people will lose their hometown and thus some of them may become homeless. Meanwhile, global warming, as a tremendous change in nature, may cause the widespread of the many diseases and even epidemics. In this way, it is highly possible that people in the future may suffer physical miseries. At the same time, this climate change also will have great influence on people’s mental health, leading to some psychological problems. As to the nature itself, since global warming will give the air and ocean huge power, so it may bring serious natural disasters such as typhoons, hurricanes, tsunamis and other disasters. In that case, people will have to pay more to fight against these natural disasters and the living costs will increase terribly.

So we must take effective measures to save our planet. First, we should use more clean energy and less coal and oil. Since almost all of these resources are not recyclable. On the contrary, we must develop the technology to utilize the sustainable energy such as the solar energy or the wind. Second, we should go to work on foot or by bus inspect driving a car if possible. Everybody can make some contribution to building a low-carbon life. Third, we should plant more trees, because plants can turn Co2 into oxygen. More importantly, we should from the habit of saving energy in our daily life.

Global warming must come to the center of our concern since it not only will affect the quality of our life but also affect the existence of our offspring.

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